O-Day and Campus Kick Off Stall Bookings

Stall bookings for both O-Day and Campus Kick Off are now open for clubs.

Confirmations and Stall Guides

Stall maps, setup times and guidelines will be sent out one week prior to the event. If you are a Guild Club, use the planning tips further down on this page to start preparing.

Murdoch University O-Day

Friday 26 July 2024, 9.30am – 11.30am

Campus Kick Off

Thursday 1 August 2024, 10am – 2pm

Promotion, Planning and Delivery Tips

Keep reading to see advice tips and advice we have provided for our Guild-registered clubs.

Before The Event

Stall Planning

Brainstorm with your committee about how to make your stall stand out with:

  • Signage, decorations and tablecloth to hide the trestle tables
  • Giveaways and merchandise
  • Creative interactive games/ ideas
  • See our Instagram or Facebook from previous Guild Festival Days (now Campus Kick Off) for reference

Only lodge your application form once you have planned your stall.

Membership Sign-Up & Website

Maximise your new member recruitment by updating or setting up your Membership Forms in QPAY.

This is where the membership forms will live and be found by students. Make sure your QPAY webpage is up-to-date and consider adding any planned semester two events, merchandise for sale or anything else you offer members to make it appealing as you’ll find new students will be looking through club pages regularly during O-Week.

See QPay’s Youtube Tutorial on ‘How to Create a Membership Form‘.


Show potential new members you’re active by preparing your socials and website in the lead up to O-Day and Campus Kick Off.

Facebook Event

DO NOT create a new Facebook event for your stall presence. Please share our main Facebook event when it is published.

Guild Club Spotlight Video Series

Consider taking the time during Semester 2 to prepare and submit a video (for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook), introducing your club and what you do, following our filming brief for us to share on Guild social media platforms.

If you need some assistance with editing, you can send through some clips for us to put together into a short video. Please submit your video to us before the end of Semester 2 so that we can schedule content.

Video submission deadline for O-Day Semester 1 2025: Sunday 13 October 2024

Filming Brief:

Duration – No more than 1 minute

Ratio – Portrait Mode

Audio – Phone audio is fine, but try to avoid lots of wind exposure

Regular Posting

Start posting regularly in the lead up to O-Week and Campus Kick Off so that when new members look to sign-up, there’s fresh content for them to see.

Always tag @murdochguild in posts, photos and stories so that we can share your content to get a wider reach.

Prepare Your Pitch

When students approach your stall, you’ll need to be prepared to capture their attention.

Focus on:

  • What are the benefits of joining?
  • Upcoming events and activities?
  • Club vision
  • Freebies
  • Getting to know the person asking. Find out more about them, their interest and studies.

Stall Prep

Stall Prep Checklist:

  • Ensure laptops/ phones are fully charged or have a power bank ready
  • Create a QR Code so people can sign up as a member on their own device
  • Be identifiable. If you have club shirts, wear them or consider colour coordination, name tags, lanyards, etc.

During The Event

Prepare Your Team

  • Make sure your stall is operational from 9.30am – 11.30am on O-Day, and from 10am – 2pm on Campus Kick Off.
  • Avoid chairs at your stall unless necessary (this makes you more approachable).
  • Accept defeat. If you’ve pitched your club to a potential member and they aren’t interested, let them go and don’t make them remember you because you hassled them for too long.
  • Post event content on your socials throughout the day and tag @murdochguild so that we can re-share.
  • Take a photo of your set-up and committee running the stall.

After Your Event

Welcome New Members

  • Don’t disappear, get in touch with your new members! Send a welcome email
    • Use QPay’s communication function to create a welcome email with call to actions (such as social media pages, website, ticket links, etc.). See QPay’s Youtube walk-through of their Communication Function.
    • Consider adding the photo of you and your stall so they have visual memory from meeting you. Remember – they’ve most likely attended a lot of stalls.

    Send regular email or SMS reminders

    Through QPAY’s communication function, your club can send emails and SMS to all club members for free!

Need to contact us?

Contact our Projects Team for equipment hire enquiries.

Email: projects@murdochguild.com.au

Phone: 9360 2158