Club Governance

Here are all the regulatory requirements you must meet when running a club. Think constitution, policy and procedural guidelines.

Club Membership List

You need to collect details from new members when they sign up to your club.

The minimum details you need are: First Name, Last Name, Student Number, Email Address and if they’re a current Murdoch student.

This must be recorded in QPAY.

You can share the link to your signup form in social media posts, emails, QR codes and give it out directly at events like Guild Festival Day to get more members.

Confidentiality & Consent

If a member does not want to give you certain personal information, don’t make them.

Only make your membership contact list available to those that need it in your committee – do not share this with any third-party apps, companies or people.

Club Registration

All club registrations expire on December 31 every year. Clubs must lodge an annual renewal form in order to remain affiliated with the Guild.

You will need to login to QPAY to complete this form – if you do not yet have a user account on this website, please create one.

User accounts must be created for each individual user, not under your club name.


Most clubs are required to govern themselves in accordance with the Guild Clubs Constitution Template.

Club AGM Guidelines & Workshop

Your club must hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year to elect committee positions for the following year and report on the club’s activities.

Learn more about requirements for your club’s financial statements.

Consent & Sexual Safety

Murdoch Guild is committed to ensuring safe, consensual and enjoyable campus club culture.

Murdoch University Sexual Harm Support Officers (SHSO)

Any member of the Murdoch Community can make a disclosure of an incident of sexual harm to our SHSOs, including those who have experienced sexual harm, witnessed sexual harm, or had an incident of sexual harm disclosed to them. Find out more on Murdoch University’s website.