Club Marketing

It’s important for Guild-registered clubs to market themselves correctly so that they can maximise their reach, engagement and ensure that students know their purpose and club culture. Below are some marketing tips, tricks, resources and services.

Guild Branding

Guild-registered clubs are required to include the Murdoch Guild logo on any promotional material produced (e.g. posters, banners, social media graphics, etc.) to ensure that students recognise you’re operating under the Guild brand.

Please do not distort the logo, change the colours, change the layout of the logo or change the font of the logo.

Club Branding

It’s important to establish a club branding that correctly reflects who you’re made up of, what you do and your club culture.

Creating a Club Logo

Club logos should be simple, clean and recognisable. Not sure where to start? Check out Canva’s guide to get some helpful tips and tricks.

Tone of Voice

Is your club more professional or social? Use language that reflects the nature of your club. Don’t be afraid to use casual slang or professional lingo in your social media messaging.

Style Guide

We recommend that clubs create a style guide to keep a cohesive, consistent and memorable image. A style guide includes specific fonts, colours and logos that your club would use for all marketing and promotional materials. Need some help choosing your club colours? Try

Club Engagement and Communication

We recommend that you set up ‘Welcome’ emails for all your members when they first sign up. This can make a new member feel seen by your club, and allows for them to continue interacting with you.

You can also include your social media links in your welcome email so your members know where to go for the latest news.

With QPAY, you can set up automatic ‘Welcome’ emails to every student that purchases or obtains a club membership. You can also send mass texts and emails for all club communications for FREE!

Social Media

Having at least one social media presence is essential for your members to engage with your club, learn about events and encourage potential members to join.

We recommend that all clubs set up an Instagram and Facebook profile as they’re popular and easy to share between both.

TIP: Tag @murdochguild in all your posts and stories to get featured on the Guild account! Also make sure you use an official club email when signing up so if the person who set up the account is no longer an active member of the club, the committee can still access the account.

Guild Advertising

Looking to promote a new event, membership sign-ups or just want general awareness? We can help you!

All Guild-registered clubs can fill out a advertising request form to have your club featured on our Facebook, Instagram, Poster Boards, e-newsletter and more! Fill out the advertising request form below to get started.

Please note that you will need to log into your QPAY club account to fill out and submit the form.


One way to raise funds for your club is to sell club merch! Explore what merch options are available for you on QPay, Printful or Vistaprint.


Guild-registered clubs get access to 50% off printing at Guild Secondhand Bookshop!

Guild Clubs Price

A4 Black and White

  • Single-Sided 10 cents
  • Double-sided 20 cents

A4 Colour

  • Single-sided 40 cents
  • Double-sided 75 cents

A3 Black and White

  • Single-sided 20 cents
  • Double-sided 40 cents

A3 Colour

  • Single-sided 75 cents
  • Double-sided $1.50

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