Book Subsidy Scheme

 Book Subsidy Scheme 2019, Semester One

  • Book Subsidy Scheme  opens on Friday 8 February and closes on Friday 1 March. Results will be out on Wednesday 6 March.

* dates subject to change


**LATEST UPDATE** 13/02/2019 @ 1000hrs WST

The technical issues regarding server upload limits have been resolved. Students should be able to resume Book Subsidy (Semester One 2019) applications as the forms have been reactivated.

Please click on the following links to apply:

International Students Book Subsidy Scheme 2019, Semester One
>>Please click here to access the form.<<

Postgraduate Students Book Subsidy Scheme 2019, Semester One
>>Please click here to access the form.<<

Domestic Book Subsidy Scheme 2019, Semester One
>>Please click here to access the form.<<

Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) Book Subsidy Scheme 2019, Semester One
>>Please click here to access the form.<<



The Book Subsidy Scheme is a collaboration between the Murdoch Guild and Murdoch University. Eligible students can apply for the subsidy each semester. Successful applicants will receive  a voucher which is valid for that semester only. The vouchers can be used to purchase essential textbooks, and can be redeemed at the University Bookshop at one shot (For Semester Two 2018, students can also redeem them at the Guild Secondhand Bookshop).

Depending on which specific application you are applying for, you might have to attach evidence of some of the following: fortnightly payslips, bank statements not more than three months old, evidence of allowances, Centrelink statements, rent/mortgage/board receipts, childcare receipts.

Book Subsidy Scheme Results for Semester One 2019 (Nursing):

If your student ID is on the list below, then you have successfully received a Book Subsidy Voucher for this round:

32962051 33652714 32572965 33211958
33606322 30976218 33399802 32444104
33549407 33189863 33687652 33619048
33469078 32939343 33335506 33400136
33611593 32890042 33197836 33619398
33396204 33205422 33178158 33561967
30798565 32561231 33198073 33333334
32639033 33425741 33501011 33327794
32902799 33720693 32738685
33630055 33174813 33265993

If you are based on the South Street campus, please come to the Guild (Building 490, Amenities) during office hours on or before to collect your vouchers. Please be reminded that the vouchers expire on March 13th, 2019.

If you are based in Mandurah/Peel, please collect it from Vera at reception at the Peel campus from February 14th. If you are an external student, you can get in touch with Jenny Alder from the Murdoch bookshop (not applicable for Nursing students).

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Please note the following conditions of the vouchers:

  •  The book vouchers will be valid until March 13th, 2019. No vouchers can be collected or redeemed after this date.
  • Murdoch Guild may use information gained through this program for the advocacy, administration and dispensation of future Student Programs.
  • Please note that vouchers are not transferable, and students attempting to sell, trade or misuse vouchers will be ineligible for future applications.

If you have any further queries, please contact Student Assist:

Domestic Undergraduate Student Assist Officer: Hazel 9360 7350 /
International Student Assist Officer: Malena 9360 6419 /
Postgraduate Student Assist Officer: Mark 9360 6585 /