Report to the may meeting of council

Hello comrades! Sorry I can’t be here tonight. I am on leave while undergoing workplace experience at Winthrop Primary School and my schedule is extremely hectic.

The Guild Wiki project is still ongoing. You can view progress at but I’m thinking of migrating the whole thing to DokuWiki which is much faster and more user friendly, although it lacks some of the features of the mediawiki. Now aiming to launch this during study break before exams, when students are reflecting on the units they’ve almost completed. Will have some kind of launch campaign around this time.

The National Union of Students is holding it’s biannual University Experience Survey. This is one of the better things the union does because it directly compares the standards of facilities across the country, and it is longitudinal, tracking changes in quality over time. There have been numerous Facebook posts advertising the survey and I encourage councillors to promote the survey in their networks. The union has also announced a national day of action for the 20th of May. I am not planning on participating on it unless the budget goes thermonuclear tomorrow, like it did last year.

Speaking of the budget, I do not expect the government to attempt deregulation again. Instead, expect more militant chasing of HECS debts and a cutting or tightening the eligibility for study allowances, coupled with some bullshit scholarship program. The Liberal Party of Australia is clearly playing the politics of kiss arse until they control the senate again. Maintain the rage comrades but bottle it in until the next election.

I emailed all 19 faculty societies about the prospect of meeting to discuss issues around the university, not a single one responded. I do not plan to exert much effort on this task any longer.

From my various committee meetings I have little of interest to report other than the university is considering dropping TurnItIn in favour of an alternative plagerism checking software. At this meeting myself and the MUPSA President raised concerns over the intellectual property rights around TurnItIn and questioned if we really wanted a global equity firm holding Murdoch student’s intellectual work and using it for profit. My personal view is that TurnItIn is a disgusting tool that puts a presumption of guilt on students while simultaneously arming cheats with the ability to game the system, submitting their paper continuously until their score subsides. Plagerism has been successfully detected and punished before TurnItIn and good academics can detect it without it.

The Guild Enterprise Bargaining Agreement was almost complete before I went on leave but you should probably request an update from the General Manager about what has happened since.

Myelf and the Metior Editor set up but she hasn’t done anything since. No big deal because if the editor doesn’t do anything, the editor doesn’t get paid.

Other news

I have recently been attending a number of university events in my capacity as partner to a successful student. At these events I have been advocating for student interests directly to the Acting Vice Chancellor and called him a W.A.S.P. after the Acting Provost did a terrible job hosting the Vice Chancellor’s Awards Night.

Many students are concerned about the bizarre new $150 fine levied for those who miss exams. The university’s communication around this truancy tax lacks detail and I urge the President to seek assurance from the university that it won’t apply to students who experience medical problems or unforeseen circumstances beyond their control. If the university wants to balance its worst in the nation balance sheet they should start by cutting their absurd procurement (external consultants) budget. I suggest the President begins with the Academic Registrar, academic council and possibly the senate. She should also issue an immediate media release emblazoned with the words Murdoch Exam Tax’ with guidance from the Curtin President if necessary.

But even this is nothing compared to the embarrassing loss of the Guild President’s XI against the Vice Chancellor’s XI. I do not blame the players, I blame the incompetent Guild President, who failed to adequately inspire the students to victory. Last year’s President picked himself to play in the match and heroically led the team to victory after opening the batting and scoring 24.

Have a fun meeting!