Murdoch Guild Equipment Hire (Students and Clubs

Murdoch Guild Equipment Hire (Students and Clubs)

Equipment is available to Guild registered Clubs and Societies on campus at either free of charge, at a reduced cost or with a deposit. The full deposit will be returned if the item is returned undamaged.

Guild equipment available for hire can only be requested by the Club President.

Collection and drop off of equipment by club members or students must be organised with Guild staff. Once you have made your booking, and have been contacted by a team member to confirm that the items are available, you will be asked to pay the deposit (which is refundable) to the Guild Secondhand Bookshop.

Star Tent (includes setup)
Quantity Available: 1
Deposit: $300
Hire Fee: $200 (non-refundable)

BBQ (includes setup) – temporarily suspended
Quantity Available: 2
Hire Fee: $60 per BBQ

Quantity Available: 4
Deposit: $50 each
Hire Fee: $20 each

Quantity Available: 30
Deposit: $5 each
Hire Fee: $5 each
Speaker & Mic
Quantity Available: 1
Deposit: $100

Quantity Available: 1
Deposit: $20

Giant Jenga
Quantity Available: 2
Deposit: $20

Giant Checkers
Quantity Available: 1
Deposit: $20

Instagram Frames
Quantity Available: 2
Deposit: $20

Coffee Urns
Quantity Available: 2
Deposit: $50

Extra costs may be charged if equipment is deemed not fit for use or stolen.