Murdoch University Postgraduate Student Association (MUPSA) is led by postgrads, for postgrads, so we understand your needs, rights and professional and academic goals.

MUPSA is a representative body for all postgrads within The Murdoch University Guild of Students. We’re here to help postgrads with all aspects of study and candidature, including the opportunities and challenges of research or coursework, or simply with connecting you with other postgrads through our social events.

We provide hold academic, professional and social events such as employability workshops and other events with focus on research. In addition to all this, we advocate on behalf of our members – that includes you – so that you can get a positive postgrad experience during your time at Murdoch.

MUPSA believes that a vibrant postgrad community involves a strong and active postgrad student association. We assist our members to achieve better results, increase their chances of finishing their degrees and experience less delays to completing their courses.

MUPSA is only as strong as its members are active. Yes, that means, YOU!


Assistance to Murdoch Postgrads

The Murdoch Guild has a full-time staff member (Mark Tan) available to assist postgraduates who have queries about or who are experiencing difficulties in academic and/or welfare matters.

Private, confidential and free assistance is available to postgrads regarding:

  • problems with supervisors or teaching staff
  • applications for appeals or retrospective withdrawal
  • academic/research misconduct allegations, termination of GRD candidature
  • the search for scholarships
  • access to The Guild Foodbank (free food & some toiletries for financially disadvantaged students)

For more information contact the Postgraduate Officer at the Murdoch guild on email or call (08) 9360 6585