Peer Tutoring

Join our Peer Tutoring Network to tutor others or receive learning support.

Murdoch Guild created Peer Tutoring so that students can receive tutoring from others who have previously done the same unit or are in the same course of study.

How It Works

All our tutors must register the units they wish to offer tutoring for and the grades that they scored. Only students who have achieved Distinction or High Distinction are able to become tutors. 

Tutors may choose to volunteer so that they can receive Murdoch’s Community and Employability Transcript. They may also choose to charge up to $25 per hour.

Students can sign up to be a tutor or receive tutoring below. Once you have signed up, one of our Student Assist Officers will be in touch. 

If we have found a tutoring match for you, we will share your contact details with each other so that you can arrange a time, date, and location to meet up for your first session.

Become a Tutor or Find a Tutor

Join our peer tutoring network by filling in a form below!

Book An Appointment

Murdoch Guild’s Student Assist officers are ready to listen to your academic concerns and provide direction. You can book an appointment with us via our booking calendar below.

For further enquiries, you can contact us at