Second Hand Bookshop (Smartrider Order)

Your one-stop shop for second hand textbooks, guild stickering, printing, everyday essentials, smartriders, postage and more!

Open Hours

Monday to Friday | 9am – 4pm (teaching weeks)

Monday to Friday | 9:30am – 2pm (non-teaching weeks)

Where We’re Located

You can find us at Amenities Building 490.2.065 at our bookshop window.

Our Services

  • Collect your Guild sticker and annual Guild diary.

Find out more about Guild Membership and what perks you get here.

  • Buy and sell second hand books online

Interested in selling your old textbooks?

It’s easy! Just drop your books off, set a price, wait for it to sell and get paid! Money will be sent directly to your bank account once it’s sold. Come stop by with your books to get everything set up!

Please note that we only accept books on the Murdoch booklist.

  • Buy and top-up your Smartrider

You can buy new SmartRiders and recharge existing cards at the second-hand bookshop! Buying a new tertiary SmartRider only costs $15 and it already comes with $10 credit. 

To purchase a tertiary concession Smartrider, you simply need to present a currently valid Murdoch University student ID card and be considered a FULL-TIME student. To be considered a full-time student, you need to be enrolled in 3 units or more. 

Once you’ve bought your SmartRider, you’ll need to register it with MyInfo within 7 days to continue receiving concession for the remainder of your study.

If you are a Peel (Mandurah) campus student, your Smartrider outlet is located at Sir Walters Café or can be ordered online. Unfortunately, we do not provide a Smartrider outlet at the Rockingham campus.

  • Drop off your parcels

The Murdoch Guild Second hand Bookshop is an official Parcel Point. This means you can drop off and collect parcels from us during our open hours.

Need to contact us?

You can contact us at or call us on (08) 9360 2158.