Transcript Recognition

Murdoch University students can apply for the Murdoch Volunteering Hub program which provides formal recognition of your volunteering through Murdoch University’s Community and Employability Pathway Transcript. Successful candidates must complete a minimum of 40 hours over 365 days with one or two registered not-for-profit organisations, and submit a written reflection on skills developed during their experience.

This program, run by The Volunteering Hub, recognises volunteering that Murdoch University students do for external not-for-profit organisations – e.g. Baptistcare, Oaktree, Kanyana Wildlife, Tax Help, etc. It doesn’t matter if the volunteering you do happens on campus or off-campus.

Please note that the organisation you are volunteering for is not Murdoch University.

What will I get if my application is successful?

When you graduate, you will receive an additional document to your Academic Transcript, known as the Community and Employability Pathway Transcript. The transcript is a physical document. You can request to receive an early copy for a fee from the Student Centre or e-mail them at

Can I share my 40 hours of volunteering across 2 not-for-profit organisations?

Yes. But 15 hours is the minimum time you can do at one volunteering organisation to successfully complete the application process. The reason is that 15 hours represents a solid contribution to an organisation, which is the kind of commitment you need to show to be successful in this program.

When can I start my application?

You can start your application as soon as you have secured a volunteering position at a not-for-profit organisation. The application “timer” starts on the day you submit Section 1 of the application. It is NOT tied to a calendar year. .

Example: If you submit Section 1 on May 5, 2015, then you have until May 4, 2016 to get your completed application back to the Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub team.

I’ve been volunteering at a not-for-profit organisation for a long time, can the hours I’ve already done go towards my transcript application?

No. Only the hours that you do starting from the date you receive Section 2 of the application can be counted towards your transcript application.

But don’t forget that you can and should write in your CV exactly when you started volunteering for the organisation. Volunteering over a sustained period of time shows that you are a committed person and successfully completing the transcript application will verify claims you make in job selection criteria and interviews.

I successfully completed a Murdoch Volunteering Hub Program Transcript Application before, can I apply again (even if I’m still volunteering at the same organisation)?

Congratulations! And, yes!! Please do. You deserve to have your on-going commitment to volunteering formally recognised.

I found my volunteering position by myself and not through the Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub, can I still apply to have it recognised on my transcript through the Murdoch Volunteering Hub Transcript Application?

Yes, you certainly can. The Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub is here to support Murdoch student volunteers get recognised for their volunteering no matter how they found their position.

I am currently involved in another Transcript Application Program, can I apply for the Murdoch Volunteering Hub Program at the same time?

Yes, go for it! You can have one entry for each program listed on your transcript each year.

Some of the other Transcript Application Programs don’t need me to keep a logbook of my hours or do short written reflections, why do I have to do it for the Murdoch Volunteering Hub program?

Because the Volunteering Hub Team don’t directly oversee your volunteering, we need there to be rock solid documentation verifying that you have, in fact, done the required 40 hours of volunteering, and that you have, in fact, developed your employability skills and contributed to the community. Between your organisation willing to vouch for you and your written reflection, we have that rock solid proof.

Remember: The written modules are your chance to communicate how volunteering has …

  • improved your capacity to be an excellent addition to any professional team or postgraduate program because of the transferrable skills you’ve developed
  • allowed you to transfer concepts or skills that you’ve learned at Murdoch University to a professional setting
  • encouraged you to be an active, socially engage citizen

In other words, it’s your chance to think carefully about how you can show future employers and/or university selection committees that you are THE stand-out candidate.