Club Leadership Roles

Most clubs are led by a leadership group, known as Executives; and they are supported by a general committee of enthusiastic members. 

The Club Executives are in charge of managing and maintaining different aspects of the club. Club Executives must all be Murdoch Guild members and elected at a Clubs Annual General Meeting (AGM) for a term that would usually last a year.


The President is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the club, including setting the tone and direction.

The President’s primary duties include:

  • Run club meetings
  • Act as a primary contact between the club and external contacts (i.e. Guild staff, sponsors, venue managers)
  • Maintain regular communication with the Guild
  • Delegates tasks to other Executives and Committee Members
  • Prepares future Executives for their roles

Vice President

The Vice President’s role is to support the President in delegated tasks such as publicity or event marketing. This is the perfect role for someone who plans to step up as a Club President in the future. 

The Vice President’s primary duties include:

  • Support the President in tasks delegated to them
  • Set a positive example to other committee members


The Treasurer is accountable for monitoring Club finances and grant applications. It is highly recommended that this person has experience in keeping detailed financial accounts. 

The Treasurer’s primary duties include:

  • Take charge of club finances and grant applications
  • Records all monetary transactions and keeps receipts for the year


The Secretary should have excellent verbal and written communications skills and knowledge in running effective meetings. 

The Secretary’s primary duties include:

  • Be the main point of contact between committees, executive and club members
  • Notify people of upcoming meetings, take minutes at the meetings and maintain an up-to-date membership database

Other duties may include maintaining the club’s email and Facebook groups.

Need more help with running a club? We have a comprehensive Clubs Handbook that has everything you need to know!

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