Clubs and Societies – Volunteering

Volunteering with Clubs and Societies

Many clubs and societies involve volunteers participating in activities related to many great causes. This can include social justice, grassroots activism, community outreach, leadership, and social enterprise. Getting involved with a club or society is a great way to meet people, make a difference and learn new skills. Please note that these programs have their own transcript recognition pathways. Please contact our Student Engagement Officer, Sarah Tjing, at for more information regarding transcript recognition with Clubs and Societies.


These Clubs and Societies need YOU!



For Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group (MERG)
As Secretary, your activities will include:

  • Point of contact for the group through social media and checking, responding to and forwarding email
  • Group administration such as:
    • Recording minutes at meetings
    • Processing documentation such as volunteer sign-in forms, volunteer sign-ups through email and social media
    • Checking in with work schedule deadlines and following up with other committee members
  • Producing materials such as:
    • Working in conjunction with the media officer to produce social media content
    • Field guides and other helpful materials for the group
  • Other ad hoc duties as necessary and/or per your interest

To apply, please email


Grant Officer

For Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group (MERG)
As a Grant Officer, your activities will include:

  • Liaising with the treasurer to produce and acquit grant applications
  • Understanding and contributing to the group’s strategic direction during planning meetings
  • Other ad hoc duties as necessary and/or per your interest

The role of our grant officers is highly significant in producing necessary funds to support the group’s activities and offers valuable skills relevant to future workplaces in environmental management.

To apply, please email


Conservation Officer

For Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group (MERG)
As a Conservation Officer, your activities will include:

  • Supporting on-ground environmental activities such as fauna and vegetation surveys and monitoring, regular hand weeding, maintenance and other ad hoc duties
  • Project management of various activities that the group embarks upon, such as community planting days, education and outreach activities
  • Developing materials relevant to the group such as vegetation identification guides
  • Contributing to the group’s strategic direction in the process of applying for grants, such as forward planning of environmental management activities, resource acquisition etc
  • Other ad hoc duties as necessary and/or per your interest

To apply, please email


Marketing and Events Coordinator

CO-OP is currently looking for a Marketing and Events Coordinator to plan and manage the outreach aspects of our Club! Here at CO-OP, we are dedicated to the craft of making games. We are a club set up to promote the creation of homegrown Video Games from Murdoch University students. Under close relation with the school of arts, hold student workshops on making games and work on large game projects as well as run game jam events. Since we do so much working, we don’t quite have time to focus on outreach. Since CO-OP is set up explicitly to bring students closer to industry, we thought why not give an actual marketing student some experience as well!
To apply, please email your CV and a short cover letter to us at


Campus Assistants

For Learning Commoners
We are looking for people to help out around the library and make the learning common more awesome for all students. Help us restock tea, take on a leadership role within the club, and improve the library with your own ideas!
To apply, please email


Committee Members

For Murdoch TLG Club (Teach, Learn, Grow)
Teach, Learn, Grow are looking for students to join the committee who are passionate about bridging the education gap between rural and metropolitan schools.
To apply, please email