Transcript Recognition

You’re a great person: you work hard and volunteer often. You deserve a little recognition.

Murdoch University and The Murdoch Guild agree. So we are here to help you get formal recognition for your volunteering through the Community and Employability Pathway Transcript Application program.

There are many volunteering programs that allow you to get transcript recognition at Murdoch University, which is great! See what they are.

The program run by the Murdoch Guild Volunteering recognises volunteering that Murdoch University students do for external not-for-profit organisations – e.g. Baptistcare, Oaktree, Kanyana Wildlife, Tax Help, etc. It doesn’t matter if the volunteering you do happens on campus or off-campus. The important point is that the organisation you are volunteering for is not Murdoch University.

The Murdoch Volunteering Hub program involves 4 steps outlined below.

Step 1: Eligibility – Connect and confirm

Step 2: Apply – Contact and inform

Step 3: Do – Volunteer and Reflect

Step 4: Finish – Transcript and Certificate


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Transcript Recognition Frequently Asked Questions