Transcript and Certificate

Transcript and Certificate

When Section 2 of your application has been received and finalised by a member of the Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub team, they will send you Section 3 of the application by email.

This section is optional. Your volunteering will be formally recognised on your Academic Transcript whether or not you complete this section.

IMPORTANT: The entry recognising your volunteering will only appear on the Academic Transcript you will receive at graduation and NOT on any Statement of Results documents you receive from Murdoch University prior to graduating.

Because of this, the Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub would like to offer you the opportunity to receive a certificate that includes the name/s of the organisation/s you volunteered at and some information about what you had to do to successfully complete the application. We will make our best effort to get you this certificate within one week of submitting Section 3 of the application.

We recommend that you add this certificate to your employment and academic portfolios so that future employers and academic selection committees know to ask you about your volunteering.

This section should take you about 5 minutes to complete.