Advanced Barista Training

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Advanced Barista Training

Cost: $79 Murdoch Guild Members*/ $149 Non-Members

Location: Barista School Perth, 2/8 Hayden Ct, Myaree WA 6154

Duration: 4 hours

Learning Outcomes: The next step on your coffee knowledge journey, and a must for those serious about making good coffee. In this session, you can expect to learn:

  • How to produce the perfect espresso pour by adjusting the grinder settings between fine and course as well as the amount dosed.
  • How to texture milk correctly. You’ll learn what “good” and “bad” milk looks, sounds and smells like and how to consistently produce “perfect” milk.
  • Tips and tricks to managing multiple coffee orders. How to group coffee orders together to speed up service and become more efficient as well as splitting the milk to ensure the correct foam ratio is shared between multiple coffees
  • Identification of commercial coffee machine components and maintenance requirements.
  • Workspace management tips and techniques.

Requirements: Completion of basic barista training or some experience in coffee making.

**We haven’t released training dates for this yet, as we usually gauge interest from those who have done the Basic Barista Course first** If you have done the basic course and would like to do this, please get in touch @ Thanks.

The dates for Advanced Barista Training in Semester Two are:

  • Friday April 17th 
  • Wednesday May 13th*

*Runs during teaching week. The Guild does not condone truancy.

Classes commence at around 10 am, and runs for approximately 4 hours.

Register here*Subsidised by SSAF