The Smith Family

Smith Family Learning Club Tutor

Assist kids develop their literacy and social skills with the Smith Family as a Learning Club Tutor.


The Smith Family is a children’s charity helping disadvantaged Australian children to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves.

Students from low socio-economic backgrounds are more likely to be disadvantaged in the education system. Often these students are additionally disadvantaged by minimal financial resources and parents who may have low educational attainment themselves, English as a second language, or are unable to provide strong educational support. This can result in poor student outcomes including leaving school early, unemployment or underemployment, poor health, delinquency and possibly crime.

This is your opportunity to intervene in this cycle by volunteering with the Smith Family’s Learning Club Tutor program, so that disadvantaged students don’t miss out on the kind out-of-school program that will help them achieve educational success, but are often too costly for families with limited financial means.


The Learning Club Tutor provides assistance in the literacy development of students who attend the Learning Club through utilising training and resources provided by The Smith Family. The tutor works with a small group of readers (max 3) or on a one to one basis depending on the students’ needs. The club starts with a fun activity, then engages students in literacy activities for the next 30 to 40 minutes before finishing with some games. This is all under the supervision of a Smith Family employee.  The typical shift is 1.5hrs a week during school term. The Smith Family asks for at least a one term commitment due to the resources dedicated to screening and interviewing volunteers.


By becoming a tutor with The Smith Family you will develop and expand your existing skills. Tutors improve their communication skills with the readers and form strong relationships that allow them to really make a difference in their school life. One of the best results is seeing the confidence of your reader grow week by week. You will learn how to engage reluctant readers and develop your own set of strategies.

You will make a significant, positive contribution to the community and assist students to stay engaged with learning.

There are strong links between social disadvantage and education performance, Learning Clubs are there to provide a safe and supportive environment to ensure these students have the best chance at academic success. The Smith Family believe that every child deserves a chance.

The Smith Family reimburse for the Working With Children Check if the student doesn’t already have one. They provide an induction when the volunteer is recruited and we also provide regular training throughout the year. All training days are catered. The Smith Family also have at least two events during the year to specifically thank and honour our volunteers.


This opportunity is fantastic for Education students, Psychology students, Community Development and Indigenous Studies students. The Smith Family will however accept students from any discipline as it is wonderful for the readers to encounter people with a broad range of skills and interests.

 This volunteering position is eligible for the Murdoch Volunteer Hub Academic Transcript program. Find out more here! 

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