Supplementary Assessment

Supplementary Assessment is when a student has the opportunity to repeat an assessment or exam so that they may pass the unit.

Am I entitled to it?

Supplementary assessment can be awarded to students who receive between 40% – 49%. The decision of whether or not to award a supplementary assessment is up to the Unit Coordinator and should be stated in the Unit Guide.

It is not the automatic right of the student.

The Unit coordinator is allowed to grant the supplementary attempt if they feel the student has a reasonable probability of passing. The only case where a supplementary attempt is automatically awarded is if the student has scored 50% overall for their final unit result but failed to pass a mandatory component of the unit. The unit coordinator will advise students in writing of supplementary assessment arrangements no later than three working days after approval from the Board of Examiners.

Supplementary grades:

  • SA: Supplementary Assessment – to be used where supplementary assessment has been awarded and does not include an exam to be administered by the Exams Office.
  • SX: Supplementary Exam – to be used where the supplementary assessment awarded includes an exam to be administered by the Exams Office.

Other Info…

  • The only grades available after supplementary assessment are a P or N. An ungraded pass is not available. If the student passes the supplementary assessment, the percentage mark recorded will be 50. If the student fails, the percentage mark recorded will either be 49 or a composite mark for the unit (whichever is less).
  • If you are required to sit a supplementary examination it is your responsibility to check the timetable, which is usually posted on the notice boards in the Chancellery and the Library. Alternatively, you may call the Exams Office on 9360 2544.
  • External Students should contact the Exams Office immediately to make arrangements for supervision.
  • Unit Coordinators are required to apply the supplementary assessment discretion in an equitable way for all students in the unit and to keep written records to justify their decision.
  • Supplementary assessment may be deferred.

Final Results

After the Supplementary Assessment, the only grades available are: Pass or Fail. You have a right to appeal supplementary results, providing that you have valid grounds.

For further information contact Student Assist:

Domestic Undergraduate Student Assist Officer: Hazel 9360 7350 /
International Student Assist Officer: Malena 9360 6419 /
Postgraduate Student Assist Officer: Rachel 9360 6585 /


This information is for reference purposes only. The Murdoch University Policy and Procedure Manager (PPM) should be consulted for full and up to date policy information.