Financial/Welfare Assistance

Student Assist provides a range of different schemes centered on student welfare and financial support.  Please find all of the information regarding these schemes below.

Emergency Assistance

Student Assist may be able to provide emergency assistance in the form of vouchers for students struggling financially.

If you are struggling financially or have any questions about the above information, please contact your Murdoch Guild Student Assist team:

Domestic Undergraduate Student Assist Officer: Hazel 9360 7350 /
International Student Assist Officer: Malena 9360 6419 /
Postgraduate Student Assist Officer: Rachel 9360 6585 /

Please note the Guild will close from 20th Dec – 7th Jan. For welfare support in our absence, visit WA Connect.

Another resource that we commonly use is WA Connect, which is a directory which includes many welfare services that students and members of the public can access.

Book Subsidy Scheme

The book subsidy scheme is administered at the beginning of each semester.

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Food Bank

Please note Food Bank is not available during lockdowns. Should you need to access this service, please contact us to discuss other forms of assistance.

A supply of non-perishable food is available in the Murdoch Guild Student Assist Office to students struggling financially.  Please contact Student Assist to find out more about this scheme and to check your eligibility. The opening hours for Foodbank are 8.30 AM to 4 PM on standard University working days. 

Tax Help

July to October each year, the Australian Tax Office provides The Murdoch Guild with trained volunteers to complete tax returns with students. Appointments must be booked in advance through the Student Assist office

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Education Assistance

Student Assist provides independent advice and assistance for students who have education-related issues at university. A full list can be found on the Education Assistance page.


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