Education Assistance

Student Assist provides independent advice and assistance for students who have education issues at university. These include:

Academic Misconduct

The University regards any acts of dishonesty relating to assessment of University courses and research most seriously. These include cheating in an exam, plagiarism, submitting the same work in more than one unit, collusion, and misconduct in research. Academic Misconduct is outlined clearly in each of your Unit Guides. If you think you have been accused of academic misconduct contact the Student Assist office.

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Appealing a final unit result

If you are unhappy with the final grade achieved in a unit, or suspect it was not calculated correctly, Student Assist can advise you on whether you have valid grounds to appeal.

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Deferred Assessment

Deferred assessment allows a student to postpone an exam or extend the submission date of coursework. If you need help deferring an assessment contact the Student Assist office.

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Peer Tutoring

The Murdoch Guild Peer tutoring service helps you get through your studies. It’s a great way to get or give a helping hand to your fellow students no matter what unit you’re taking.

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Students have the right to request a review of their work. The Student Assist office can help you through the process of requesting a re-mark.

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Retrospective Withdrawal

Retrospective Withdrawal allows students with extenuating circumstances to withdraw from a unit without affecting their grade or having to pay fees, after they have withdrawn or failed. Contact the Student Assist office if you need assistance withdrawing in retrospectively.

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Supplementary Assessment

Supplementary Assessment/Examination is the process by which a student repeats an attempt to pass an assignment, examination or other form of assessment.

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