Deferred Assessment

Deferred Assessment

Deferred assessment allows a student to postpone an exam or extend the submission date of coursework, including a supplementary assessment.

You may be granted a deferral if illness or exceptional personal circumstances prevents you from completing an assessment or exam in the last teaching week or later. You may be granted a deferral upon presentation of a medical certificate, or other documentation that confirms your inability to complete and assessment or exam.

If the illness/exceptional personal circumstances occurred before the last teaching week you should speak to your unit coordinator about getting an extension. If you think your circumstances are likely to be ongoing, you should speak to your Unit Coordinator or the Guild about other options such as retrospective withdrawal.

Who can apply?

  • Students suffering from a major illness or chronic medical condition of fluctuating intensity.
  • Students with exception personal circumstances affecting their academic performance.

Deferred assessment will not be approved:

  • For ongoing illnesses or other circumstances not continuing beyond the late withdrawal date. In such circumstances a student may be eligible for retrospective withdrawal instead.
  • If the student has completed the exam or submitted the assessment.
  • If the student missed the exam because they misread the timetable, slept in or “just forgot”.
  • If the examination cannot be taken due to work, unless proof is provided that their employer refused them leave.

How to apply

  1. Deferral forms can be downloaded from here.
  2. Complete this form and supply supporting documents (medical certificates etc).
  3. Submit application in person to The Student Centre or email them to


  • In the case of exams you must request the deferral at least three University working days before or after the date of the exam.
  • In the case of assignments you must request the deferral no later than the last week of the teaching period.


  • You will receive an email notification of the decision that had been made.
  • An interim grade of Q will be entered for approved applications viewable on MyInfo.
  • If you are denied a deferral you may appeal to the Student Appeals Committee.
  • Further deferral may be granted if the circumstances/illness is the same as in the original application and the circumstances/illness has not been abated.

For further information contact Student Assist:

Domestic Undergraduate Student Assist Officer: Hazel 9360 7350 /
International Student Assist Officer: Malena 9360 6419 /
Postgraduate Student Assist Officer: Rachel 9360 6585 /


This information is for reference purposes only. The Murdoch University Policy and Procedure Manager should be consulted for full and up to date policy information here.