Appealing a final unit result

General information

Concerns about teaching or assessment should be raised with the Academic Chair or Dean of School.

The appeals policy does NOT deal with Review/Re-mark of assessments.

In instances where you are citing perceived bias against a tutor or unit coordinator, you should liaise with the Academic Chair or School Dean.

If you are considering an appeal against a unit grade, it is a requirement that you consult with the unit coordinator prior to submitting an appeal in order to obtain feedback and to allow them to check their calculations.

It is often useful to ask to see your examination script if the unit had an examination. Believing that you deserve a higher grade does not automatically mean you have valid grounds for an appeal.


Unit Result Appeals should be submitted within 10 working days of receiving notification of the results.

Valid grounds

You can provide evidence of disadvantage in one or more of the following ways:

  • A piece of work handed in on time was not marked
  • Feedback on assessed work was not obtained within a reasonable time
  • Alleged wrong advice from staff teaching the unit. (e.g. about the content of the examination or approval of an examination)
  • The student’s grade was not based on the assessment methods specified in a study guide or unit handout at the start of the unit.
  • The assessment methods used were in breach of the University’s Assessment Policy, and resulted in disadvantage.
  • Demonstrated bias by the tutor or unit coordinator against the student that affected the grade or mark awarded to the student (this allegation must be supported by specific examples that can be confirmed).
  • In exceptional circumstances, other grounds (except those in the list of invalid grounds) will be considered if the Chair or Alternate Chair of the Student Appeals Committee accepts these as reasonable.

Your appeal must:

  • Be submitted in accordance with the Student Appeals Policy within 10 days.
  • Include an appeals application form.
  • Include a completed and typed appeals cover sheet.
  • Include a typed A4 letter of appeal stating the valid ground(s) for appeal and outline how these grounds support your case, with supporting evidence where possible.
  • Include a breakdown of your assessment marks.
  • Include a copy of the assessment requirements within the Unit Information and Learning Guide.
  • Include any correspondence with University staff.

Email appeals to

Make sure to retain a copy for your records

It’s important that you

  • Are clear and accurate in your appeal letter.
  • Find out the dates for release of formal results.
  • Ensure all of your contact details are up to date with the University.

You have the right to respond (in writing) to the staff’s written comments regarding your appeal.

Remedies available

The appeals committee may:

  • Direct that a re-mark of any piece of a student’s mark be undertaken, in line with University Policy;
  • Direct that, in determining a student’s final mark, the assessment weightings be varied, or that a piece of assessment be ignored;
  • Direct that the student be offered supplementary assessment in the unit;
  • Recommend that the marks of all students in the unit, or an identifiable group of students within the unit be varied;
  • Direct that a student be offered a deferred replacement assessment where there was a defect in relation to the original assessment;
  • Direct the University to provide an apology to the student;
  • In exceptional circumstances and after consultation with the unit coordinator, Dean and Pro Vice Chancellor, vary the mark and/or grade of a student in any unit, or any assessment component of any unit;
  • Impose other remedies as considered appropriate by the SAP.

For further information contact Student Assist:

Domestic Undergraduate Student Assist Officer: Hazel 9360 7350 /
International Student Assist Officer: Malena 9360 6419 /
Postgraduate Student Assist Officer: Rachel 9360 6585 /


This information is for reference purposes only. The Murdoch University Policy and Procedure Manager should be consulted for full and up to date policy information, and can be found here.