Accommodation tips

Things to consider

Your search for accommodation should begin by researching as much as possible about the different types of accommodation available.


Type of accommodation

Shared accommodation: It’s when you rent a private room but you share the house and common areas with other people. You also share costs such as electricity and water bills, which make living expenses cheaper. Many students prefer these options because it is cheaper when costs are shared. However, you need to keep in mind that you are living with other people and therefore you need to compromise and be respectful of other people’s lives, possessions and habits. For more information on shared accommodation click: Shared Tenancies

Homestay: This means living with an Australian family in their own home, which makes them your host family. As in any family scenario you will need to respect the family rules and curfews and it is a great way to experience Australian culture. There are different types of home stays. For example, full board which means that all your meals and expenses are included in your weekly rent. Half board, which means you only get one or two meals per day or no meals included.

Rental accommodation: This is when you rent a whole house or unit in your own name, through a real estate agent or directly with the owner. This involves more responsibility as you sign a lease agreement which is a legally binding document. It is common for students to get together with other students and rent a house in their names and share the costs, which makes this a cheaper option. However, when renting a house, the initial cost can be quite high as you will need to pay for things such as: security bond (4 weeks rent in advance) rent in advance (usually 2 weeks), connection fees for electricity, gas and internet. For information on how to apply for a rental, please read Applying for a house rental

On campus accommodation: : Murdoch University works in partnership with Murdoch University Village to provide furnished apartments with facilities designed specifically for the student lifestyle. To get more information on the Student Village facilities, availability and applications, please visit: Student Village


The cost of the accommodation will often depend on what type of accommodation you are looking for and the location. Here in Perth, accommodation near the Perth CBD (central business district) and beach side areas are usually more expensive than other areas. For more information on living costs in Australia, click Living costs


Is it close to university? As a student, reducing costs is very important, therefore finding accommodation close to campus could be beneficial as it would save you time and money.

Suburbs near Murdoch University South Street Campus:

By public transport

Less than 30 minutes: Murdoch, Kardinya, Leeming, Coolbellup, Bibra Lake, North Lake, Bull Creek, Willeton, Mount Pleasant, Cockburn, Winthrop, Bateman, Hilton, Beaconsfield, O’ Connor, Hamilton Hill, White Gum Valley, Booragoon, , Fremantle, Samson, Willagee, Ardross.

More than 30 minutes: South Lake, Success, Jandakot, Beeliar, Yangebup, East Fremantle, South Fremantle, Alfred Cove, Attadale, Palmyra, Bicton, , Myaree, Applecross, Brentwood,Canning Vale.

Please note that your journey’s duration will also depend on public transport availability. For public transport timetables and availability, please visit Transperth