Step 1: Eligibility

Connect and Confirm

To apply for the Murdoch Volunteering Hub Transcript Application program, you need to …

1. Be currently enrolled as a Murdoch University student.

2. Be able to do …

a. 40 hours of volunteering over the next 365

b. at no more than 2 not-for-profit organisations.

3. Be already set up with an eligible volunteering position.

Let’s look at points 2 and 3 in more detail.

2a. The application “timer” starts on the day you submit Section 1 of the application. It is NOT tied to a calendar year.

EXAMPLE: If you submit Section 1 on May 5, 2015, then you have until May 4, 2016 to get your completed application back to the Murdoch Guild Volunteering Hub team.

You can apply at ANYTIME during the year. You don’t need to wait till the beginning of semester.

2b. 15 hours is the minimum time you can do at one volunteering organisation to successfully complete the application process. The reason is that 15 hours represents a solid contribution to an organisation, which is the kind of commitment you need to show to be successful in this program.

Here are some examples of what acceptable combinations of hours look like:

Hours visualisation okay Hours visualisation okay
Hours visualisation not okay 3. It’s completely fine for you to apply if you’ve been volunteering for a while or you’re just about to start. What’s important is that the volunteering you’ll be doing is at an organisation that is eligible for the Murdoch Volunteering Hub program.

If you make your way to “You should definitely consider applying” in the flowchart below – it’s very, very likely the volunteering you’re doing is eligible, so apply!