Southside BMX Club

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Southside is a proactive, volunteer-run sports club, offering you the chance to develop your professional skills in sports science, photography and sports commentating, or to help out in other volunteer roles on weekly race days.

Southside BMX Club is located in Bullcreek; it is one of the oldest clubs in WA and the biggest club. It develops riders from beginner skills level into club competition, also offers potential pathways through to state, national and even international level. It also has a reputation for being family friendly, well organised and promoting a fun atmosphere.

BMX is a sprint race, starting down a big ramp, riders sprint to the finish whilst negotiating corners and big jumps. Southside has the aim of growing this exciting sport. We have developed some innovative programmes such as a free school holiday coaching clinic for new riders, free Girls Only coaching clinics and training new coaches. We love the sport of BMX and work hard to promote it.

Southside BMX Club is run by volunteers. We need at least 20 volunteers to run a race meeting, plus volunteers for admin, busy bees and special events.

We have 170 riders racing every Saturday and 100 riders being coached during the week. Riders come to our club because we are friendly, well run, very organised and promote a family friendly atmosphere. We race hard but also like to have fun doing it.

Our club has a strong volunteer base and through the work of volunteers we have done a huge amount of work to our track, making us the biggest and one of the best BMX clubs in WA. We appreciate our volunteers and could not run our club without them.

Weekly race day roles
Races are run every Sat from Feb to Dec, from 3.30- 5 pm, racing 4 motos, with up to 170 riders.

  • STAGERS – calls names of riders in marshalling area – makes sure riders are present and in correct lane ready to race
  • FLAGGIE – watches racing, looking for accidents – raises yellow flag to alert first aid and starter will hold next race until track cleared
  • FIRST AID – min 2 first aiders each week – need Senior First aid certificate – watch racing and attend to riders that have had an accident
  • SCORERS – help with computer scoring at end of race
  • CANTEEN – assist in canteen with selling food and drinks
  • COMMENTATOR – provides race commentating, using microphone

Specialist roles

  • FITNESS/STRENGTH TRAINER – design and deliver gym training programs for junior riders – Suit Sports Science student or someone with similar qualifications – great experience
  • PHOTOGRAPHERS/ VIDEOING – take action shots of racing

Other volunteer activities

  • BUSY BEES – we need volunteers several times per year to assist with track work, tidy ups, painting. – if you can paint, get on a shovel, help out, all welcome. [/toggle]


Contact Vice President, Sandra Wilson, email, phone President, Ian Ainger, on 0433030282 or Facebook Southside BMX Club