The Murdoch Guild bookshop is an authorized Transperth retail outlet where you can purchase new SmartRider and add value to existing cards. We are also the primary outlet for the sale of tertiary concession SmartRider for students studying full time at Murdoch University.

If you are studying at our Mandurah campus Sir Walter’s Murdoch café, Mandurah is your authorized Transperth retail outlet.

To purchase a tertiary concession SmartRider, you must;

  • Present a currently valid Murdoch University student ID card.
  • Be currently enrolled in at least 9 points of study (typically 3 or more units in a single semester). You must be considered a FULL TIME student.


If you meet the above criteria, you are able to purchase a tertiary concession SmartRider for $15.00. This will include $10.00 in credit that you can start using immediately. Your card will be ready for immediate use but must be registered with MyInfo within 7 days of purchasing to continue receiving concession for the remainder of your study. Our staff will provide you with an instruction sheet for this process, which is also described in the section below.

Unfortunately, students enrolled in less than 9 points of study (part-time students) are not eligible for tertiary student concession. This includes those studying 1 or 2 units in any semester (normal, tri- or summer/winter semester) or post-graduate students studying part-time. This also includes students who have temporarily enrolled in less than 9 points and are intending to enrol in further units at a later stage.

Please note that Murdoch University students are not required to complete the green Application for Metropolitan Tertiary SmartRider form.

Registering Your SmartRider on MyInfo

  1. Log into My Murdoch ( → and log in with your student email.
  2. On your home screen select ‘Learning’. Under ‘Manage Enrolment’ select ‘Manage course and unit enrolment’
  3. Begin Self Enrolment. Complete step 1. Press ‘I agree’ and then ‘Next’ at the top of the screen.
  4. On Step 2 under “Transperth SmartRider concession” enter the 9-digit SmartRider number
  5. Click the box ‘I agree to Murdoch University forwarding my personal details to Transperth to allow validation of my SmartRider’
  6. Scroll down and click ‘SUBMIT’
  7. Then you must tag on and off with your SmartRider within 7 days to remain on student concession

Mandurah Campus Students

Tertiary SmartRider cards can be purchased from Sir Walter’s Café at the Mandurah Campus during normal opening hours.

Alternatively, you may purchase a standard SmartRider from any other Transperth retail outlet and convert it to a tertiary concession by registering it on MyMurdoch as described above.

Rockingham Campus Students (On Track)

OnTrack students studying at Rockingham campus may purchase their cards over the phone. Please call us on (08) 9360 6776 and have your student number and a credit/debit card number handy. We will then post your card out to Rockingham campus for collection from you tutors.

Alternatively, you may purchase a standard SmartRider from any other Transperth retail outlet and convert it to a tertiary concession by registering it on MyMurdoch as described above.

Standard SmartRiders

The Guild Shop also sells standard (Adult) SmartRiders, designed for those ineligible for a concession, such as part-time students, interstate visiting students or Murdoch University Staff. Standard SmartRiders are $20.00 up front, which includes $10.00 in existing credit that you can start using immediately. Using the card means you receive a 10% discount on fare prices compared to buying standard tickets.

MIT Students

Students enrolled with the Murdoch Institute of Technology (MIT) may be eligible for tertiary concession. You will need to obtain an Application for Metropolitan Tertiary SmartRider form from MIT, The Guild Shop or online and complete the document. You must then have the form stamped by MIT before bringing your completed form, with your Murdoch student ID card, to The Guild Shop. We are then able to sell you a SmartRider with an existing concession or activate your concession on an existing card.

Post-Graduate/Research Students

As with undergraduate students, only those currently enrolled full time are eligible for tertiary concession. If you are studying full time, you may purchase a tertiary concession. If you have an existing SmartRider you must register through MyMurdoch. If you are still experiencing difficulties, we recommend you contact the Student Centre to ensure your enrolment reflects the fact that you are studying full time, as often a manual override to full time status is required. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact The Guild Shop.

Other Types of Concession

You can also lodge forms for pensioner, disability or Health Care Card concessions. For these types of concession, you are required to complete an Application for a Concession SmartRider form, which can be obtained from The Guild Shop or downloaded online.

You will need to complete the form and present proof of you concession entitlement (such as a Health Care or pensioner card with a valid CRN). We are then able to activate your concession on an existing card or you may purchase a new card with your concession for $15.00, which includes $10.00 in credit which you can start using immediately.

Additional Services

Please be aware that as a retail outlet for Transperth, The Guild Shop is not able to:

  • Cancel or hotlist lost or unused SmartRiders
  • Perform balance transfers between cards
  • Reimburse card holders for incorrectly charged fees
  • Perform changes to Autoload accounts

Please ensure you contact Transperth directly for the above requests.

Unfortunately, The Guild Shop is also unable to provide student concession for primary or secondary students. Please visit the Transperth website for more information on these types of concession


I am a returning or existing student and have lost my concession from my SmartRider.

In most cases, students lose their concession as they no longer fulfil the requirement of being currently enrolled in 9 points of study or more (full time load). You should ensure that you are in fact fully enrolled in at least 3 units at the present time. For example, you will not be currently eligible for concession if you are only enrolled in 1 unit but planning to enrol in additional units later on. You will need to register your SmartRider number through MyMurdoch once you have completed enrolment to obtain concession.

If you are enrolled in 9 points of study or more, we recommend you try registering your card through MyMurdoch again, ensuring you use your card 2 or 3 days after doing so. If you are still experiencing difficulties obtaining concession, please contact The Guild Shop.

I have an existing SmartRider from another institution/high school but it’s going to expire.

You may continue using your school SmartRider until the printed expiry.