Restore Swamp and Woodlands

Join the Murdoch University Sustainability Team – MUST!

The Murdoch University Sustainability Team (MUST) helps co-ordinate the sustainability groups and represents their interests on Guild Council and when lobbying the university. They hold sustainability meetings, promote events and even organise some of their own events (like boomerang bag making/sewing, and upcycling workshops). If you’re interested in networking, media, event promotion, representational roles, co-ordination roles, liaising/mediation roles, public relations, and of course sustainability then this is the group for you.

You can find them on Facebook here:


MUST Volunteering is eligible for the Community and Employability Pathway Transcript Environmental Management Program (this is a different program from the one offered by the Volunteering Hub, so if you also volunteer at another external not-for-profit organisation, then you can also apply for the Hub program too!). Please contact the MUST coordinators or the University’s Sustainability Manager for more information on how to get your volunteering recognised on this transcript.


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