Native Arc

Cutest Possum Eva!

Get animal handling experience while helping Native Arc provide medical care and rehabilitation services to injured native wildlife.


Native Arc is a not-for-profit organisation that provides medical care and rehabilitation services for injured native wildlife in the south metropolitan region. Native Arc receives injured wildlife from a range of sources including the general public, veterinary clinics, local councils, rangers and other wildlife centres.

Native Arc believes education of the public in environmental sustainability will assist in the ongoing conservation of native birds and animals and supports the development of strategic partnerships and programs to enhance and expand critical wildlife habitat.



Volunteers at Native ARC do a variety of tasks which need to be carried out every day. All new volunteers will be assigned a mentor who will teach them important skills. Volunteers work with other volunteers and are given duties by a shift supervisor (senior volunteers who see out the general management of shifts and volunteers). Below are some duties which a supervisor may assign to you.

  • Preparing food for a variety of animals.
  • Cleaning cages, vivariums, aviaries or other housing facilities.
  • Washing up of dishes, laundry, perches and equipment.
  • Sweeping, mopping of centre facilities.
  • Assistance with catches and releases.
  • Assistance with handling large animals.
  • Assistance with administering treatments by an experienced volunteer.
  • Transporting animals to and from vets, zoos or other wildlife shelters.



You’ll be contributing to an organisation that is helping to protect our precious wildlife through animal care and community education, you’ll get animal handling, admin or fundraising experience, and you’ll get to meet a heap of great people and cute critters!

This volunteering position is eligible for the Murdoch Volunteer Hub Academic Transcript program. Find out more here!

Register your interest in volunteering with Native Arc now through their online form: