Music on Bush Court

Music On Bush Court

Music on Bush Court (MOBC) encourages both student and non-student musicians to showcase their talents, on Tuesday’s and Wednesdays between 10am – 2pm (depending on day/event).

This semester, we’ve had MOBC veterans Richard Glover and Matthew McCooey perform their laid back, easy-listening tunes for you. We have, and continue to do so, introduced a few new talents.

Check out all of our upcoming performances below, or visit our Facebook page.

September 12 – Matt McCooey
September 17 – Sue Summers
September 19- Candice Mcleod
September 24 -Jasmine Gannaway
September 26 – STAY IN TUNE
October 8 – Sue Summers
October 10 – STAY IN TUNE
October 15 – Matt McCooey
October 17 – Jasmine Gannaway
October 22 – Sue Summers
October 24 – Candice Mcleod
October 29 – Sue Summers
October 31 – Matt McCooey