MUPSA Events

MUPSA Committee FFD14

Your student representatives aka MUPSA Committee puts on a range of social, academic and professional development for you to enjoy.

Besides being good fun to further develop your skills as well as socialise with your peers, it’s a great way for you to meet the MUPSA Committee Members.

Throughout the year we’ll have a presence on Bush Court, the epicentre of Murdoch Campus, where we’ll be having a stall between 10AM-2PM on Thursdays for you to swing by and say ‘hi!’. This also happens at various Guild events and MarketDaze. We always have event sign-up sheets, so you don’t wanna miss us.

Otherwise, for regular updates, please ‘like’ our Facebook pages here MUPSA or MUPSA Multidisciplinary Conference.

Social Events

If you are a MUPSA member, i.e. a member of The Murdoch Guild, then from time to time, we will email you about events and how to RSVP.

MUPSA organises a list of events exclusive for postgrads like you! These festivities includes our Coffee Mornings, where we shout you a free coffee to celebrate the start of a new month as well as invite your peers to network and get out of your office if you’re a PhD student.

Mum and Dad Networks

Are you a Murdoch Student who is a Parent or Primary Carer of Children?

If yes, then MUPSA Committee recognises the opportunities and challenges of combining study with parenting, and we, and the rest of Murdoch Guild, wish to support you. The Guild has a private facebook group exclusive for students who are parents or primary carers of children. This is a supportive forum in which postgrads and undergrads can exchange ways to handle family and student responsibilities, discuss academic issues and any other issues relevant to their needs and interests.