Building  Leadership Capacity

The MSEL program embraces a model of leadership called distributed leadership (DL). This leadership model is founded on the understanding that leaders need to ‘live with’ rather than try to ‘manage’ complexity in order to create meaningful change in organisations and communities. It further promotes that leadership is shared and not the responsibilities of singular individuals

Building leadership capacity can happen through shared experience in an environment that enables reflection, debate and meaningful discussion. Put simply, DL moves away from the idea that leadership capacity is located within specific individuals, and instead, it emphasises that leadership happens through the actions of many people working collectively.

The MSEL program provides the context and experience in which leadership capacity can flourish and excellent outcomes for individuals and the community can be achieved.

The MSEL program’s Community Partners engage in leadership by identifying projects that will improve their services. MSEL participants engage in leadership by taking initiative, identifying solutions, trialing implementation plans and making recommendations about “good practice.”