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The Murdoch Industry Mentoring (MIM) program connects students and industry professionals to make lasting and meaningful mentorships. This provides Murdoch students with a relationship to gain insight into their industry, develop career-aligned skills, and prepare for the transition into the workplace.

MIM allows students and professionals to form their own matches based on their own personal preferences when it comes to mentoring. Once matched, the program provides mentors and mentees autonomy over the relationship as both parties are welcome to set their own goals and direction. Support is provided with the opportunity for training to help get both parties started together and program coordinators will be available to provide any help as needed.

Support & Training Events

To support the success of each mentorship, optional training is offered for mentors and compulsory training is in place for mentees. The focus of these sessions is to help equip both groups to get the most out of the relationship and provide some meaningful direction for what might be achieved in their time together.

Mentee Training

These sessions are to help Murdoch students mentees get the most out of their mentorship. Mentees will be sent an invite to participate in training once they have matched with a mentor. They are compulsory and only take an hour.

Mentor Training

Just prior to the launch event, a 30-minute training session will be available for mentors to help explain more about the mentoring process and provide so useful resource to help get the relationship going. This session is optional for mentors and only in place for mentors who might want additional help or have any further questions.

Semester 2 open July 27th