MERG – Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group

Chelodina wetland planting If you are really interested to learn about restoration, habitat, or just want to go out in nature and get your hands dirty, this is definitely the club/volunteering experience for you!


Murdoch Environmental Restoration Group (MERG) carries out restoration projects in the bushlands on Murdoch Campus to keep the environment healthy. They weed to clear out invasive plants, plant trees to provide future habitat for animals, and mulch their our sites to ensure they will prosper.


MERG members are needed to ensure the success of these important projects:

Planting Days: Days to plant young trees at locations in the bushlands that require some restoration.

Conservation Days: These are days to go out and do maintenance of our project sites, such as weeding, mulching, removing bags from young trees after they have grown a little bigger (if the bags are removed too early, the precious trees may get munched by rabbits!)

Gladiolus Grab: A really fun competition between teams to remove as many Gladiolus (a weed) as they can from our bushlands, with awesome prizes to be won!

Cockatoo Nest -Tube Monitoring: Murdoch has several artificial nests placed in trees around campus for the
threatened and endangered Forest Red-Tail and Carnaby’s Black cockatoos to live in when they want to lay their eggs. They need to be checked once a month to see who is living in there (whether it is the cockatoos themselves or another parrot, or even bees).


The bushlands on Murdoch campus are a treasure that few people know about and they need to be cared for. The members of MERG have two roles:

  1. to experience and appreciate our bushland and spread awareness for its care, and
  2. to help take care of this special asset.

Murdoch University is also a very important feeding and resting site for the threatened and endangered Forest Red-Tailed and Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos. Maintaining the sites they inhabit is important for the conservation of this species, as well as other species that call our bushland ‘home.’

By volunteering your time with MERG, you are not only doing community service, but a service to nature, the animals that live in it, and the environment. Through your active participation, you will learn valuable time-management skills and initiative, especially if you take the initiative to organise your own trips into the bush for restoration work.

This kind of work definitely pays off–there is really nothing more fulfilling than working a site for an hour and seeing all the weeds removed or all the young trees planted, knowing full well this will be a healthy and thriving ecosystem in the future.

Restoration utilises knowledge from ecology, plant biology and diversity, water and soils, environmental biology and science and restoration, and sustainability, to name a few. However, members do not need to have background knowledge in these areas to take part in our activities, just a love for the environment and a willingness to put in some elbow grease. Being a member of MERG is, however, an excellent complement to students taking courses such as Environmental Science, Conservation and Wildlife Biology, and Environmental Management and Sustainability.

MERG Volunteering is eligible for the Community and Career Skills Development Transcript Environmental Management Program (this is a different program from the one offered by the Volunteering Hub, so if you also volunteer at another external not-for-profit organisation, then you can have apply for that program too!). Please contact the MERG coordinators or the University’s Sustainability Manager for more information on how to get your volunteering recognised on this transcript.

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