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Spend time one-on-one with players with intellectual and physical disabilities as they enjoy all the social, physical and psychological benefits of lawn bowls.Kardinya BowlAbility meet at the Kardinya Bowling Club and are looking for volunteers to come down and help out on Friday mornings. This is a fun and social volunteering role AND it’s convenient – just across the road from Murdoch.

What is Bowlability? 

Through the BowlAbility Program, initiated by BowlsWA, adults and children with disabilities can enjoy the benefits of bowls in a fun and inclusive environment.

Bowling clubs are social hubs that connect communities and BowlAbility enables people with disabilities to tap into this.  It also strengthens players’ physical and mental health, builds strong social networks, and gives players a sense of opportunity and achievement. The program caters to anyone who wishes to play, including offering  wheelchair access to the green.

Players, carers and volunteers bowl together – after an in-sight on playing the game of Lawn Bowls for new players, and then everyone is on the green for a ‘roll up’. Different players have different needs.  Some can play a standard game, while others need modifications such as shorter ends or the use of a bowls shute.  Some players may never fully understand the sport but still enjoy being out in the fresh air with others around them.

The volunteer role: As a volunteer, you will interact with both players and their carers.  You will either bowl along side players or help them to develop bowling skills, for example ensuring they have the bowl the right way before it rolls or showing them the line they might bowl to in order to be close to the jack. You may be involved in one particular group or move among a number of groups.

The players love meeting new people and your ability to mingle, chat and offer friendship is highly valued. All players have carers with them, so volunteers will never be charged with responsibility of taking physical care of a player.

Location: Kardinya Bowling Club, Morris Buzacott Reserve, Williamson Road, Kardinya

Dates: Every Friday unless notified, 11 am – 1 pm

Bring: Drink, Flat Soled Shoes & a smile!

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