July Report

• How did associations/collectives go with acquiring business cards?
• I was contacted by a student who wanted to increase the library opening hours. After getting the go ahead from executive to assist this student in their petition as well as informing council on our group page, I then went onto create a formstack application using the guild account. (NB# For the student to create a formstack application they would’ve been charged.) That formstack application was shared across Facebook channels on June 15th.
– I’m waiting a report of the library meeting outcome from executive who advocated this issue.
• I have started renovating the clubs room and spent Sunday (12th) painting it with a few volunteers (Jess, Tim, Julie & Robin). Special thanks to Megs for her painting expertise and guidance, as well as Guy for chipping in to help. I plan on getting more furniture & decoration with the rest of the funds. I now need to decide on the technicalities of the room ie who will clean it and what purpose should be put to it.

• Enquiries were made as to what happens with clubs funds if they dissolve themselves.