Murdoch Guild of Students History

Established in 1976 by students, for students, Murdoch Guild is an advocacy, support and service organisation, run independently from the university. Murdoch Guild is governed by a democratically elected student council and provides student representation across major university academic and governance committees. We represent your student voice and work to ensure students are the first consideration in university decision-making. We also provide a range of education and welfare support services through the Student Assist Office including advice on academic appeals, Food Bank access, legal referrals, tax help, tenancy services, tutoring and support with Centrelink Issues.

Additionally through our website, Student Assist runs an employment and accommodation registry and the book subsidy scheme, providing students in need with the funds to cover their textbooks each semester. While student advocacy and welfare is our core role, the Murdoch Guild also exists to make university life more fun – uni should not just be about studying or pulling hair out around exam time.

By running numerous events throughout the year, we ensure that there is always something to look forward to on campus. Some of our annual events include Stamp Out Stress Day, the Guild Ball and Multicultural Day. We also support over 100 different Guild registered clubs, societies and collectives through the provision of grants and assistance from our Student Projects Office. For aspiring writers, the student magazine METIOR is a great way to get published and build your portfolio.

Murdoch Guild manages a wide range of outlets and facilities. They include Café Kadjininythe Tavern and the Volunteeering Hub. If you just need a quick caffeine fix or need a break from studying, Murdoch Guild has you covered.


1977 Mark Ames

1978 John Patterson

1979 Des Fleay

1980 Gordon Aplin

1981 Veronica Cook

1982 Mandy Gillet

1983 Michael Jesser

1984 Bonita Mason

1985 Lila Carlton-Doney

1986 Graham Giffard

1987 Jacky Easter / Kurt Rogers

1988 Ken Thomas

1989 Paul Stevenage

1990 Anthony Iheakanwa

1991 Justin O’Malley

1992 Andy Fitzgerald

1993 Anita Gardner

1994 Adam Bandt

1995 Alison Humphrey

1996 Kelly Shay

1997 Charles Noonan

1998 Paula Langley

1999 Phil Harrold

2000 Alison Xamon

2001 Alisha Ryans-Taylor

2002 Alisha Ryans-Taylor

2003 Mal Bradley

2004 Mal Bradley

2005 Barbara Whelan

2006 Gerry Georgatos

2007 Reece Harley

2008 Clare Middlemas

2009 Basha Stasak

2010 Brendan Stweart / Brodie Lewis

2011 Brodie Lewis

2012 Bec Thompson

2013 Bec Thompson

2014 Roland Belford

2015 Raeesah Khan

2016 Guy McDonald

2017 Louis Williams

2018 Rukomborero Mashumba

2019 Rukomborero Mashumba

2020 Jethro Schoeman

2021 David Ugrinov