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If you are studying events management, software engineering, radio or sound, OR you are interested in developing your leadership and people management skills, then you MUST check out this fabulous volunteer opportunity to allow you put what you are learning into practice in a real world scenario


Gymnastics WA is the state sporting association that provides leadership, promotion and administration across the eight different disciplines within the sport of gymnastics. Currently the athlete membership base is in excess of 11500 members where the association provides participation and competitive opportunities.


Being a volunteer for Gymnastics WA will bring you enjoyment, a feeling of belonging within a vibrant community of dedicated individuals, the opportunity to understand more about Gymnastics, and the chance to support not-for-profit organisation.

Your benefits also include:
• Being involved in activities and programs that make a difference to communities
• Gaining new skills and experiences through volunteering is a strategy employers look very favourably upon
• Increasing your self-confidence and self-esteem in a professional setting
• Meeting new people and expanding your networks


Gymnastics WA has several rich and enriching volunteering opportunities currently available.

Floor Manager
The Floor Manager will be in charge of co-ordination of all floor personnel and all activities on the completion floor. The Floor Manager is also responsible for overseeing the activities of the Announcer, Music Coordinator, Scoring Personnel and Customer Services Officer.

The role of the announcer is to assist in the professional presentation of the competition to the public, and relay the Floor Manager’s instructions to the gymnasts to ensure the orderly operation of the competition. The Announcer, for the most part, will operate from a formal script, working closely with the Floor Manager to ensure the competition session runs to time.

Customer Service Officer
The customer services officer will be the first point of contact for spectator at entry and be responsible for the promoting the healthy message by handing out fruits. This role is also responsible for the general maintenance of the spectator areas and will liaise with the Floor Manager.

Music Coordinator
The Music Coordinator is required to co-ordinate and be responsible for all pre-recorded music at all competition sessions, throughout the period of the competition. This role is also required to liaise with the Floor Manager and Announcer at all times and with Floor Marshalls and Announcer to ensure athletes are called to the floor at appropriate times.

Scoring Personal
The Scoring Co-ordinator will be required to operate the scoring system, ensuring the competition is scored correctly and efficiently. This role will be required to liaise with the Floor Manager regarding scoring requirements, withdrawals and to ascertain the most efficient and fast method to have the scores transferred from the Competition Floor to the Scoring Table.

You will be needed on event days. Check out the event schedule on the Gymnastics WA website for the exact dates.

Gymnastics WA is located at 99 Loftus Street, Leederville.

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