Young Statisticians of Australia

Young Statisticians of Australia

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Don’t miss out on your chance to meet other young statisticians and leading members of WA’s statistical and data science community. Speakers from industry and academia including: Western Power, Data Analysis Australia, Australian Bureau of Statistics and Murdoch University.

Young Statisticians are invited to submit an abstract to present a short talk or poster on their research with statistics to win prizes! Submit by 4th September via

Registration closes 11th September so Google “Young Statisticians Workshop 2018” to register!

Upcoming events

Young Statisticians Workshop 26 September 2018 A networking event for Statisticians and statistics related fields. Students will advance their career by networking with industry professionals here in Western Australia. The workshop runs the whole day with breakfast, lunch , dinner and evening drinks package included. Each attendee will also receive a tote bag full of goodies just for attending the event!

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