The Murdoch Queer Collective

Murdoch Queer Collective

About us

The Murdoch Queer Collective is for queer and LGBTQIA+ identifying folk to meet each other, have fun in an accepting environment, and access support and advocacy if needed.

The Queer Collective is not only an incredibly social and outgoing group which includes people from all realms of gender and sexuality, the collective provides a valuable support network if you ever need it. The collective is a great way to meet students and even get help on any concerns you may have as an LGBTQ+ student at Murdoch.

The Queer Collective also has a Queer safe space called the Queer Room (490.2.035) where Queer/LGBTI students can hang in-between classes, watch a DVD or play some video games! We meet for Hangs weekly on a Thursday in the Queer Room and for weekly Queer Beers at the Tavern on a Tuesday afternoon.

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Upcoming events

Thursday Hangs every Thursday from 11am till 2pm in the Queer Room (490.2.035)

Queer Beers every Tuesday from 4pm till 7pm at the Tavern

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