Start a Club

Register your club and become eligible for a free pitch at the weekly Thursday markets for promotion/fundraising, booking of university spaces for your activities and application for financial support through the Murdoch Guild’s Club Grants program. It also means that we can keep you in the loop, help promote your events and know who the current club leaders are. We will also include you in the Club Handbook 2017, making it even easier for students to find you if they would like to join your club.

To apply to start a club please complete the form below. The form is the same whether you’re starting a new club or updating your details in the new year. Please note that your club can only be registered by the current Club President. Once you’ve been approved by our Guild Executives and have been notified via email, head over to the Club Grants page to apply for a club grant.

If you need any assistance or clarification, please contact the Student Projects office on

Club Registration Form