Murdoch Motoring Enthusiasts

Murdoch Motoring Enthusiasts

About us

The purpose of this club is to gather those who have a passionate about their motor vehicles. UWA, Curtin and ECU have their own dedicated car clubs and I do not see why Murdoch University shouldn’t as well! Meetings will all be held at Murdoch University South St Campus in one of the carparks or on grass depending on approval from the University. They will be static (parked).

No hooning or dangerous driving is allowed, anyone caught doing so will have their number plates handed in to the police and banned from the club.

Upcoming events

-Monthly car static meet at one of the more secluded and empty carparks at Murdoch Uni (TBA)
– BBQ and Shisha meet/event
– Curtin car club (CAKE), UWA car club (UCAS) and Murdoch (MME) will hold a combined meet.

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