Murdoch Medieval Club

Murdoch Medieval Club

About us

Murdoch Medieval Club (MMC) is a society of people interested in the history of Europe and the world through the Ancient, Viking and Middle Ages.

We focus a lot on combat and craftsmanship of different cultural groups (Nordic, Rus, Frankish, Saxon, Middle Eastern, native American, Asian and East Asian cultures). We have group and individual projects for those who like craftsmanship, art or even cooking, as well as we use well balanced protective gear and a variety of blunt polymer and wooden weapons in sparring sessions where we together learn techniques of different weapon based historical martial arts of the world.

Our club welcomes all new members!

Upcoming events

“Tournament: We raid in Summer”
Take part in the Medieval Tournament of Murdoch Semester 2 and become the new champion of our University!
20th of September 2018 Thursday at 2:30 – Winter Garden outside the Student Hub

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