Murdoch Mandrakes

Murdoch Mandrakes

About us

We are Murdoch’s quidditch team! Yes, quidditch, like from Harry Potter. Yes, we use brooms, no we don’t fly.

Adapted for muggles, quidditch is an awesome way to meet new people, try a new sport, and keep up your fitness!

It’s a social sport so you can still participate and have fun without being able to make every training or game, and you can join anytime throughout the year!

Upcoming events

Perth Quidditch League games – approx every three weeks, swapping venues between the venues each uni chooses. Weekends, alternating between Saturdays and Sundays.


Come and try quidditch! These are held at the same time as normal training sessions, but are geared towards teaching new people to play. These will happen for the first few weeks of both semesters at this point.

Training sessions: 4-6pm Wednesday afternoons on Lower Bush Court during the semester

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