Murdoch Chinese Student and Scholars Association

Murdoch Chinese Student and Scholars Association

About us

Murdoch Chinese Students and Scholars Association (WA) is a non-profit organization which aims to gather and unite all students who are interested in any Chinese related things. MCSSA welcomes any and all students to join. Our objective is to facilitate and develop friendships with all the students in Murdoch especially the non- Chinese students. We would like to promote the Chinese tradition and culture through celebrating traditional festival such as the Mid-Autumn festival and Dragon Boat festival. Bonding over food is and learning more about the Chinese culture is what this club strives for. Let’s have fun and enjoy the food.

Upcoming events

Student welcoming- 01/03/2018 Market day
This allow new student to sign up to massage club on this day, meet new friends and show new students around campus.
No ticket needed.

New student welcome party- 09/03/2018
Don’t have a location yet.
This event will inviting student to join us and play some indoor quiz, dinner will provided and talk about life at Murdoch and good places around Perth.
Sign up for entry

Mid semester BBQ
Date not planned yet, but will be on the study break
Location may be on student village.
No ticket needed

Dragon boat festival
02/May (May need to change later)
Location: on campus
Celebrite traditional Chinese festival together, will be some indoor activities and food provided.
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