Murdoch Be With Buddha Society

Murdoch Be With Buddha Society

About us

Registered and affiliated with the Murdoch Student Guild since 2007, the Murdoch Be with Buddha Society(MBBS) was set up to enable everyone at Murdoch University to learn more about the Buddha’s teachings of Humanity Vehicle Buddhism.

As human of this world, we have the power to effect change not just within ourselves, but in the world that we live in. It is therefore valuable and meaningful, that through our application of the Buddha’s teachings, we learn to develop and live our life with wisdom, clarity, compassion and peace.

Let us come to learn the teachings of Humanity Vehicle Buddhism, and together, we create brightness and harmony in this world and within ourselves.

For details of information, please contact: or Cindy Tsen (President) at

Upcoming events

On-campus meditation during the Thursday common lunch break.
Location yet to be decided, we are still deciding if we will hold it this semester or next semester.
No tickets required.

Games and other networking events.
No specific or approximate date, just a casual meet-up and play games such as an amazing race.
No tickets required.
No specific location yet.

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