Murdoch University Companion Exotics (MACE)

Murdoch University Companion Exotics (MACE)

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The Murdoch Association for Companion Exotics (MACE) is a student organised special interest group which focuses on content revolving around veterinary and husbandry practices for companion exotics. MACE aims to develop and foster students’ proficiency in various aspects regarding exotic animals, some of which are not endemic to Australia. These aspects include, but are not limited to, anatomy, handling, husbandry and common ailments specific to these animals. We offer opportunities for students to connect with local enthusiasts, exhibitors, veterinarians and breeders who specialise in various exotics, believing their knowledge and experience to be beneficial. Committee members are involved in organising workshops and seminars, which enhances their leadership qualities, professionalism and people skills.

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Exotics Practice Weekend, animals handling workshop, seminars etc.

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