Everything Events

Everything Events

About us

Keen to get involved in more miscellaneous, funky events at Murdoch? Better yet, keen to plan your own while boosting your CV (with reference letters!) and raising funds for the club and charities? Then read on!

Members of this club will be your friendly neighbourhood event planners, planning an array of fantastic events to cater for students with a number of interests. From events like screen printing to salsa dancing and from self-defence to Karaoke, it’s worth signing up to get involved in planning – and attending – some great activities here at Murdoch.

Membership can be for planners who are keen to add value to their degree and for attendees who want to add value to their overall campus experience! Can’t wait to have you on board.

Upcoming events

– Conversation card picnic

– Watercolour workshop

– Yoga workshop

– Swing dancing class

– Screen print your own tote bag

– Karaoke night

– Pottery workshop

– Paint balloon popping

– Self-defence workshop

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