Club Grants

Murdoch Guild is excited to once again be offering grants to all registered clubs and societies. Clubs are able to apply for a Murdoch Guild grant up to $1000. Please note unused Grant Funding that was approved does not rollover to the next year.

How to apply for a grant:

  1. Gather your club committee/members and plan out your activities for the year – think about any activities that you would like to do or assets that you need to buy, and consider whether you would like Murdoch Guild financial support for that. Here is a list of what grant money can and cannot be used for.
  2. Complete the Grant Application Form below. Please be as detailed as possible; this will enable us to process your application and give you a decision more quickly. Please note Grant Applications approved for upcoming events, so expenses prior to a Grant Approval will not be approved.
  3. The application will be reviewed by the Murdoch Guild Clubs Committee to ensure that it is within the rules of the Murdoch Guild grants programme, and that the goal for the funds is in line with the continuing health and development of the Murdoch Guild clubs community. You will be notified of the results of this via email. If you are planning club events or activities, you will need to complete an post-event evaluation. A PDF with a list of questions you will be asked when claiming reimbursement will be sent to you upon approval.
  4. If your grant is approved, go forth and enjoy the event/purchase the asset! Make sure you keep your receipts. Items purchased with grant funding remain as property of Murdoch Guild – if your club registration is not continued those items must be surrendered and returned to Murdoch Guild.
  5. In order to be refunded, you must complete the ‘Grant Refund Application’ form below. This should be submitted online to the Student Engagement Officer and all related receipts should be delivered in person. Bear in mind that the eventual cost and purchases should be as close to the approved spending as possible – very minor variations are OK, but if you spend significantly more money, or if you spend it on something other than what was approved, you may not be eligible for a refund.

Please note:

While we will endeavour to support as many clubs and societies as we can, please be aware that there is a maximum budget allotted for clubs grants and once it is reached we will not be able to accept any more applications for that year. We would strongly recommend that clubs plan ahead and make their submissions early to avoid disappointment; funds can be earmarked now for use later in the year. Please also note that the club grant can no longer be used to fund BBQ packages at MarketDaze; the revenue generated in this activity is typically more than enough to cover costs and still earn significant funds.



Club Grant Application Form


Club Grant Refund Application Form