Club Grant Guidelines

Club grant advice and spending guidelines

All club grants from The Guild are allocated from SSAF and as such must adhere to the laws around what SSAF can be spent on. Below is the legislation surrounding SSAF, with bolded entries being of particular interest to clubs.

  1. providing food or drink to students on a campus of the higher education provider;
  2. supporting a sporting or other recreational activity by students;
  3. supporting the administration of a club most of whose members are students;
  4. caring for children of students;
  5. providing legal services to students;
  6. promoting the health or welfare of students;
  7. helping students secure accommodation;
  8. helping students obtain employment or advice on careers;
  9. helping students with their financial affairs;
  10. helping students obtain insurance against personal accidents;
  11. supporting debating by students;
  12. providing libraries and reading rooms (other than those provided for academic purposes) for students;
  13. supporting an artistic activity by students;
  14. supporting the production and dissemination to students of media whose content is provided by students;
  15. helping students develop skills for study, by means other than undertaking courses of study in which they are enrolled;
  16. advising on matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described);
  17. advocating students’ interests in matters arising under the higher education provider’s rules (however described);
  18. giving students information to help them in their orientation; and
  19. helping meet the specific needs of overseas students relating to their welfare, accommodation and employment.

Murdoch Guild aims to support the activities, operations and ultimately the continuance of a club with this grant funding program. Common expenses include catering for club events on-campus, artistic activities (e.g. a theatre production) and promotional materials – however, we encourage clubs to suggest ways to reduce costs where possible and think of club grants as a backup to cover the costs that can’t be covered by members and sponsors.

All tangible items purchased from the use of a Guild grant must be registered with the Projects and Marketing Office, is deemed property of Murdoch Guild and are available for use by any club (club who purchased it has priority to use it for its club activities).

Grant applications will be assessed on:

  • The type of expense, event or activity funding is sought for.
  • The actual event or activity.
  • The objectives or purpose of the club.
  • Whether the club received non-Guild financial support.
  • The extent to which the event or the activity promotes the Murdoch Guild.
  • Whether the club allows membership of non-Murdoch students.
  • The amount of time the club has been operating and the number of club members.
  • The club’s organisational structure.
  • The club’s perceived degree of accountability and transparency.
  • Whether the expenses incurred will serve the interests of students.
  • Whether the expenses incurred contribute to the longevity of the club
  • Any other matters that Council sees fit.