Bubble Tea Society

Bubble Tea Society

About us

Our Bubble Tea Society aims to provide students with a fun environment to socialise and relax in, with the added benefit of enjoying bubble tea.
With bubble tea culture becoming increasingly popular in Perth, our club believes in enhancing the university cultural experience by hosting events for students revolving around the appreciation of the Taiwanese tea-based drink.

Our club deeply values the environment and is committed to sustainability – without ruining the bubble tea drinking experience. Thus, Bubble Tea Society strives to promote the use of eco-friendly products, such as reusable bubble tea straws and cups to encourage a life free from single-use plastic. Through our club, we will build a community of environmentally conscious bubble tea enthusiasts.

Upcoming events

– Bubble Tea & Badminton
– Make your own Bubble Tea
– Bob Ross & Bubble Tea
– Bubble Tea Sundowner

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