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AV Club

About us

The AV Club is for individuals who love film and TV. We watch and discuss the latest shows and movies, eat popcorn, and channel Stranger Things vibes. We also watch and review Murdoch events, plus more mainstream stuff. And we listen to music that’s actually GOOD.
If you can separate good TV from bad TV, and tell Oscar Bait from a genuine classic, then this is the place for you. Or if you just want to hang out, watch some movies and make friends, come along too. The thing about film is that there’s a place for everyone, and the same is true of the AV club. So come along to our next meeting (will be posted on facebook) and become part of our 80’s inspired AV Club.

Upcoming events

– Movie nights
– TV binge watching (Riverdale season 3 anyone?)
– Discussions
– Themed costume parties
– Concerts
– Plays
More events to be announced on our facebook page so make sure you join!

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